• Energy Independence

    Save Money and become your own Utility!
  • Harness the Sun's Energy

    It's never been easier.
  • Solar

    The best Foundation for a family's home.
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Solar Energy - Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow!

Home based solar power is a quiet, nearly maintenance free, continuous source of electricity.

Freedom of choice

Have the freedom you deserve!

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Save Money

Solar customers typically pay less on their utility rates and make money over time!

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Become Green

Helping the environment has never been easier.

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  • Why Solar
  • How it Works
  • Getting Started

In the past, solar has only been available to customers willing to pay the price tag. Now, going solar is easier than ever and there are hundreds of reasons to start. Find out why other people have gone solar and how it might benefit you as well.

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How does Solar Power even work? What is the difference between traditional energy and Solar Energy and how do they both work. Find out the science and the eco benefits behind solar energy.

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Find out if solar is right for you. Talk to one of our solar professionals for a commitment free solar quote.

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Recent & Upcoming Projects

See what Liv Solar is doing to better our community.

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