How it Works

Traditional power starts deep in earth and takes a lot of energy to harness. Coal is mined, transported to a burning site, burned to heat up water that makes steam, which then turns a turbine to make electricity. The electricity is then stepped up in voltage, transported many miles to a distribution substation, then stepped back down in voltage and is consumer ready. This whole process is very energy consuming in itself and extremely harmful to our environment. Solar on the other hand is energy from the sun that is harnessed right at the point of consumption and used on site. It has 0% carbon emissions and an unlimited power supply!

How traditional power works

How Traditional Power Works

Power Plant

How Solar Power Works

How Solar Works

Sunlight is collected by solar panels
Power is converted from DC electricity to usable AC electricity
Electricity flows to your home loads
Non consumed electricity will flow back to the utility
Use the electricity produced by the sun to power items in your home