Why Solar


Reduce Your Electricity Bill !

Reduce your electrical bill, or completely erase it! A large portion of the overall budget for a home or business is the electricity bill. By adding a solar system, you will generate all, or a big portion of your electricity straight from your solar panels for 25-30 years. This will almost erase your electricity bill for the average customer. When you factor in that electrical utility rates have increased from 2.5% - 7% per year over the past two decades, the choice to go solar becomes a no brainer.

Invest in Solar

Use electricity as an Investment Solar panels are an investment, not an expense. Wouldn’t you feel better paying for something knowing it will generate a great return on investment ranging anywhere from 10% to over 30%? Currently paying your electricity bill is just a cost that occurs monthly. You pay the bill and you get your electricity. Why not put that money to work and instead of paying a “cost”, invest it on something that will make you a profit..
Energy Inflation

Stop Inflation

Be protected for the future Energy prices are very unpredictable. Current energy is derived from coal. The more coal that we mine, the less coal there is and we know that when a resource becomes scarcer, the price will rise. Electricity rates have been rising at an average of 7% annually over the past two decades, which make them unreliable. By adding a solar system, we can better predict a home or businesses electrical budget and stop the inflation cycle that is occurring.
Home Equity

Increase your Property Value

Solar not only reduces your current electricity bill, but will add value to your home. Homes with solar systems can sell twice as fast and increase your property value by adding $4/kW according to a recent New York Times article. (Example: a 10Kw system can add $40,000 value to your home). Source: New York Times
Home Equity

Protect the Environment

Adding a solar system to your business or home will greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Clean energy is produced on your roof and then used at the site. This cuts out transporting and all the unnecessary steps that traditional utility customer have. An average residential solar system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year. This is equivalent to planting 100 trees, every year!
US Energy

U.S. Energy Independence

The U.S. is dependent on foreign oil for energy, which means American dollars are being spent over seas to boost other nations economies. Every solar system that is added in the U.S. secures more independence from foreign oil and keeps American money working towards bettering our economy.
Boost Local Economy

Boost Your Local Economy

Help your local economy and create jobs solar systems in general, other than product manufacturing, cannot be outsourced. This means that every solar system is helping to create local jobs and put money back into the local economy. Studies show that the current rate of solar will generate roughly 3-5 million jobs over the next decade. There’s no better way to create jobs and help people provide for their families. Not only are you helping others provide for their families, but lowering your electrical bills will also put more money in your pocket to provide for your family.