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If you're looking to reduce the energy consumption at your Westminster facility, one of the best things you can do is switch to LED lights, because the energy saving light bulbs do not use as much power as traditional. Our team of LED lighting professionals specializes in helping commercial property owners in Westminster identify all the opportunities onsite for energy efficient light bulbs and can then replace everything with commercial LED lighting. Our LED lights not only help Westminster businesses achieve their energy efficiency goals but also lower the amount on their utility bills. Whether you're interested in saving the environment or saving on electricity, Liv Solar’s services for LED lights can help.

LED Light Bulbs for Commercial Properties in Westminster

Our goal is to use our expertise on energy saving light bulbs to assist businesses in the Westminster area in switching over to commercial LED lighting so that they can save energy and money. A Westminster company may want to do something to lower its environmental impact but not know where to start, which is where our services for LED lights and energy saving light bulbs come in. We inspect Westminster commercial properties and take note of all the places that can be retrofit with LED light bulbs instead: tube lights, can lights, exit signs, exterior lighting, and parking lot lights. After counting these we calculate what the savings would be if they switched to energy efficient light bulbs, and for most places in Westminster there is an average return of investment in about a year, so commercial LED lighting is a no-brainer.

Why Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs at Westminster Businesses?

Because switching to LED lighting saves energy, LED light bulbs also save property owners on electricity costs, and those simultaneous savings multiply when dealing with commercial LED lighting at a big business building. Westminster commercial properties with a lot of square footage need many light bulbs to adequately illuminate the space, and each of those adds up to an amount of energy used. LED lighting uses about three times fewer watts per foot than traditional bulbs, and we use these numbers to show potential clients in Westminster exactly how much less electricity they will be using and paying if they switch to energy saving light bulbs.

Commercial LED Lighting Services Available in Westminster 

If you are concerned with power usage at your commercial property in Westminster, switching to LED lighting can help cut your consumption and costs. LED lights are energy efficient light bulbs that use three times less energy to illuminate an area, so for big spaces like Westminster businesses, LED lighting is a great sustainability solution. Our company specializes in LED light bulb services that include identifying efficiency opportunities and then installing energy saving light bulbs at Westminster commercial properties. If energy efficient light bulbs sound like an enticing idea for your Westminster business, give us a call to schedule an LED light bulb inspection with a Liv Solar specialist.

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