Liv Solar is proud to bring its skilled solar services to non-profit establishments in Westminster so that these benevolent organizations can help themselves like they help others through the use of solar energy. Since these buildings, such as schools, churches, treatment centers, and more, typically have a lot of square footage, switching to solar energy can be hugely beneficial for Westminster non-profits. With our solar installation, repair, and replacement services, we are here to help these larger properties in Westminster save money whilst bolstering the sustainability of their facilities.

Solar Energy Services for Westminster Non-Profits

Whether your non-profit is interested in switching to solar energy or has previously made the switch and needs repair or replacement assistance, Liv Solar is here to help. Our company has experts on staff who have done hundreds of solar energy projects and can set up or fix solar panels on any size property in Westminster, from small organizations to entire school campuses. Since these community centers serve a large number of Westminster area residents and therefore have high electricity usage, we can design a system that will match the demand as well as perform repairs to maintain consistent energy production.

Non-Profits in Westminster That Can Benefit from Solar

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Religious facilities
  • Welfare organizations
  • Advocacy groups
  • Credit unions
  • Museums
  • Foodbanks
  • Foundations
  • Charities
  • Social/Recreational clubs

How Non-Profits Pay for Solar in Westminster

Financing a solar system can get a bit tricky for Westminster non-profit organizations due to their tax-exempt status and large number of community stakeholders. Luckily, Liv Solar has worked with many non-profits, so we understand the logistics and can help new clients navigate through the finance process to help them receive the funding needed to make the switch to solar energy. Our staff is here to help and will explain all the monetary options available to Westminster area non-profits, such as loans, donations, the CPACE program, and power purchase agreements. Whether the non-profit itself or a third-party financer owns the system, sustainable energy powering a Westminster building means the community will reap the benefits for years and years.

Call to Get Details for Westminster Nonprofits

Colorado has more than 25,000 non-profit organizations, many of which have properties in Westminster that could substantially benefit from having a solar energy system installed. We have a great amount of respect for non-profits as well as their various approaches towards aiding the Westminster community and beyond. At Liv Solar, we play our part in that by providing these organizations with energy bill relief and increased sustainability through our vast selection of solar panel services. If you are a part of a non-profit organization in Westminster and are interested in how a solar energy system can be of value to your facility, give us a call and one of our expert solar consultants can provide you with more information.

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