Solar energy systems are resources that solar-capable homeowners in Westminster can depend on for a long time. The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that the lifespan of solar panels can exceed 30 years, so they typically provide energy and return for decades, usually without a hitch. But eventually a solar panel replacement will be necessary, and when that time comes, give Liv Solar of Westminster a call. We have an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and are certified by the North American Board of Clean Energy Practitioners, so you can trust our staff to seamlessly perform any solar panel removal or replacement services that your Westminster home might need.

Solar Panel Replacement for Westminster Homes

The general rule of thumb is that Westminster homeowners should have a solar panel replacement conducted every 25 years, so if your current system has been in place for a quarter century, it is time to remove the solar panels and replace them with new ones. Our solar panel removal experts are always happy to help, whether you are a longtime client of ours ready for your second Liv Solar energy system, or have an old solar power system that was installed by another Westminster company but want the solar panel replacement to be done by us. If you needi an early replacement in Westminster due to faulty parts or damages, get in touch with the experts; solar panel removal and replacement don’t have to be a hassle, enlist the aid of Liv Solar.

We Pay Westminster Homeowners for Solar Panel Removal

Liv Solar is so committed to customer service we have a generous compensation program in place to safeguard Westminster customers from their loss of savings if they have to undergo a solar panel removal and temporarily cannot reap the benefits of the system. We provide this to our Westminster clients that have to have reroofing done as a result of damage from one of Colorado’s crazy hails storms. When Westminster homes undergo a roof replacement, solar panels have to be removed and when you let our company take them off we pay you for the time they are out of service, for up to two months.

Westminster Experts for Solar Panel Replacement

If your Westminster home’s solar panels need to be replaced, whether it be from age or damage, let Liv Solar take care of it. Our entire staff is well-versed on and passionate about photovoltaic technology and are ready to get your Westminster property back in order with a new system. You can count on us to have professionalism from the solar panel removal stage all the way to the reinstallation of new solar panels, so be sure to call our company whenever you need solar panels replaced in Westminster.

We're a premier solar energy company providing the area with quality solar powered panels. We are Westminster's top-notch solar panel company!


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