For Westminster homeowners switching to solar, servicing is rarely, if ever, needed to maintain their solar energy systems. Since solar energy systems are self-sustaining it is not uncommon that some Westminster homes never need solar panel repairs or maintenance for the entirety of their solar power system’s lifespans. But sometimes things happen, and when they do, the experts are Liv Solar have got you covered. Our wide array of solar services include solar panel repairs for any broken or faulty parts, and you can have confidence they will be done right, as our company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a long list of satisfied clients in Westminster.

Westminster Residential Solar Panel Repair

A solar energy system only works most efficiently to produce power when all of its parts are functioning properly. When you realize that you require solar service in Westminster, it’s important to only let a professional handle solar panel repairs as solar power systems have many intricate pieces and involve high voltage electrical lines and wiring. If an unskilled individual performs repairs on your solar panels, they could exacerbate a problem, lowering the panels’ production even more and costing Westminster homeowners more money. Luckily, Liv Solar of Westminster’s expert technicians have the highest level of certification in the industry with the North American Board of Clean Energy Practitioners and a passion for in-depth knowledge of the parts involved in solar technology systems.

  • Inverters – These can be faulty or die and need to be swapped out for a new one by a Westminster solar service technician
  • Isolators – If these are switching off randomly they make have water damage and require solar panel repair expert to fix
  • Panels- Fixing solar panels is necessary if the glass is cracked due to weather, as damaged panels don’t function optimally
  • Wiring- One of our Westminster solar services is subcontracting electricians to file permits and perform solar panel repairs to address electrical problems

No-Cost Solar Services in Westminster

Depending on warranty details, Westminster clients may receive price breaks for solar services such as solar panel repairs. The materials in the system are covered by the manufacturer for 25 years, so the replacement parts used in your property’s solar panel repair will be free. Westminster solar panel repairs for hail damage to modules are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Our company also offers a 10-year warranty on our workmanship for Westminster projects, and solar service that falls under that is also complimentary.

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When you are dealing with solar energy systems, don’t you want a business in Westminster that does it all? Liv Solar is a solar service company that does solar panel repairs for anything that is wrong with your home’s solar system. Our staff members are experts on photovoltaic technology and makes sure all fixes bring the solar systems of Westminster homes back to tip top shape and maximum efficiency. Call us today for quality solar panel repair service from certified technicians.

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