One of the best things about solar panels is how little maintenance they require. Once installed, Westminster property owners get to kick back and watch their buildings’ energy bill go down with basically no effort. Very minimal maintenance is required to keep your solar energy system functioning at its best, and cleaning your property’s solar panels is easy and infrequently required. When your solar panels need a little TLC, turn to Liv Solar of Westminster. Our certified technicians can clean solar panel arrays as well as perform any solar panel maintenance required by the solar energy system of your Westminster home or business.

Professionals for Solar Panel Cleaning in Westminster

When solar panels get dirty, they don’t perform to the highest potential because the photovoltaic cells are obstructed from absorbing solar power. The Solar Energy Power Association reports that unclean solar panels experience a 20 percent drop in efficiency. If the solar panels of your Westminster property aren’t functioning at full efficiency, then you should consider our solar panel cleaning services. A solar panel cleaning will wipe off any dirt, dust, leaves, pollen, bird droppings, or moisture, leaving your panels unobstructed. Cleaning solar panels on ground-mounted systems is easier than doing so on roof installations, but regardless of where or how large the system may be, Liv Solar’s expert solar panel maintenance technicians will clean your Westminster property’s solar panels until they look and operate as good as new. The equipment and procedures we use to conduct solar panel cleaning jobs at Westminster properties are proven to be safe to use on photovoltaic technology, so no damage will be done to the solar cells.

Westminster Home Maintenance for Solar Panels 

Minor solar panel maintenance can be done by Westminster home and business owners to bolster longevity and efficiency of their solar energy systems. While they are considered to be very low maintenance, solar panels still need to be checked on every now and then to ensure parts are in place and working properly. Westminster property owners can do a quick visual inspection to see if any pieces of the system are broken or if they are due for a solar panel cleaning. Any solar panel maintenance requirements can also be identified with the help of the complimentary home monitoring system that we equip our Westminster clients with. This application gives our Westminster area customers access to a visual progress report that details how the solar energy system is functioning, as well as alerts them to anything that is harming efficiency and warrants solar panel maintenance.

Call Today for Quality Westminster Solar Panel Cleaning

At Liv Solar of Westminster, we offer services that keep solar panels clean and in great condition. A clean system is a high functioning system, and professionally conducted solar panel maintenance can help your system last longer and perform better. We have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau as well as an ever-growing list of happy solar panel maintenance clients in Westminster. Call us today if you suspect dirty panels could be lowering your system’s efficiency, we can help!

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