For those in Westminster who want to be completely self-sustained on solar energy or don’t want to ever pay a utility bill again, getting an off-grid solar system is a great idea. Off-grid solar systems incorporate a battery bank to store the daylight to later use as energy to power a Westminster property at night or during storms. Off-grid solar is more of an investment and process to set up, but after installation, Westminster property owners experience nothing but benefits from producing all their power with off-grid solar panels. 

Why Have Your Westminster Solar Energy System Off-Grid?

Off-grid solar installations are a bit more complicated than typical roof installations, but very worth it for certain building owners in Westminster. Prime candidates for an off-grid solar system includes properties that are located someplace where connecting to the grid could get pricy, such as remote locations such as cabins and farms, or new buildings in Westminster that haven’t been hooked up to power yet. Not only are they investing in their own off-grid solar panels instead of utility setups, but they may never have to pay an electric bill again since all the power going to their Westminster dwelling is coming from the off-grid solar panels or its battery bank. Another benefit to not having to be a customer of the big utility companies is you are not at the mercy of their supply, when you have off-grid solar, your lights stay on even when the whole neighborhood in Westminster has a power outage.

Professionally Installed Off-Grid Solar Panels in Westminster

Liv Solar of Westminster has a team of certified solar experts on staff that can explain the often-confusing process of cutting ties with the city’s power grid and installing an off-grid solar system. We will go over everything during a consultation, including running our energy model to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of costs and savings, so you have all the pertinent info to decide if off-grid solar panels are the right option for your Westminster property. All you must do is provide us with an estimate of your average daily electricity load, and we work with structural and electrical engineers to design and provide you with an off-grid solar installation that will meet your Westminster home or business’ needs.

Call Today for More Information on Westminster Off-Grid Solar

Does solar energy appeal to you because you like the idea of producing all your own energy and never paying an energy bill again? If so, off-grid solar is the perfect type of solar energy system for you. This truly self-sustaining method of supplying power to your Westminster property can be seamlessly integrated into your property with Liv Solar’s help. Call today for more information on our Westminster services for off-grid solar systems, and we can schedule a consultant to come to your establishment to provide details.

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