One of the latest innovations in solar roofing is the incorporation of shingles into a Westminster roof’s solar system. While many people choose this type of solar roof over solar panel roofs, there are also property owners in Westminster looking to do the opposite and switch from shingles to a traditional panel system. No matter what the reasoning is, Liv Solar is here to help them and offers services to remove solar shingles in order to install solar panels instead. Westminster property owners can trust that our expert staff is knowledgeable in all types of photovoltaic technology and can switch solar energy systems safely, professionally, and without causing any roof damage.

Removing and Replacing Westminster Solar Roofs

Anything involving solar roofs should not be undertaken as a DIY project and is best left to professionals. Working with solar energy systems involves hazards like electrical wirings and elevated workspaces, that’s why you should procure the services of Westminster’s go-to solar company. Liv Solar’s staff has worked on hundreds of rooftops and are experts in solar technology, so we can efficiently dismantle a shingled solar roof in Westminster and reinstall a solar panel roof in its place. It is important that you work with a team of experts that won’t make errors that could negatively impact the integrity of your roof. Our Westminster clients can feel at ease knowing that we work closely with structural and electrical engineers and can subcontract roofers to ensure that nothing is damaged and the solar roof is reinstated correctly. Of course, once we have switched your Westminster solar roof from shingles to panels, it is then backed by our warranty and the manufacturer’s.

Why Switch to a Solar Panel Roof in Westminster?

  • More energy: Solar panels can be anywhere from 4 to 14 times more proficient than solar shingles. One solar shingle has an output of 13 to 63 watts, while a solar panel produces between 185 and 240 watts.
  • Better efficiency: Solar shingles retain heat and raise the temperature of Westminster homes, meaning air conditioners are run more often, which is bad for the environment and uses some of the power. Solar panel roofs have mounts and racking systems to circumvent this.
  • Storage opportunities: Solar shingles use what they generate and lose what they don’t. Solar panel roofs can incorporate a battery system to harvest excess energy to use at night or in bad weather.
  • Easily adaptable: Solar panel roofs can go back to normal by simply dismantling the panels. A solar roof with shingles will need a reroofing if Westminster property owners decide on taking down their solar system.

Call Us for Solar Roof Adjustments in Westminster

If you have already made the switch to solar with solar shingles, but want to swap them out for a solar panel roof, turn to Liv Solar of Westminster. Our licensed technicians have performed solar services on hundreds of rooftops in the Westminster area and can help you convert your solar shingle roof in a solar panel roof. Call us today for more information on the solar roof conversion services that we extend to the Westminster area!

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