Solar systems are a great long-term investment; once they are up and running, they will produce solar power for your Westminster property for decades to come. The solar panel products we utilize are covered by their manufacturer’s 25-year warranty and often outlive that, but eventually, your Westminster property’s solar installation will require a solar panel replacement. Liv Solar has North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified technicians in Westminster that can help with the removal of solar panels for replacement or even temporarily remove solar panels for roof work to be done.

Replacing Solar Panels in Westminster

Solar energy systems are known for requiring little maintenance, so as long as Westminster home or business owners perform minor upkeep, and nothing damages the panels, systems should last a long time. Warranties usually cover panels as well as inverters for 25 years and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found panels typically degrade in efficiency by about .8 percent every year, so by the quarter-century mark, it’s probably time to consider solar panel replacement. Our solar panel replacement specialists are here to help our previous clients as well as those in the Westminster with an existing system that was installed by another company who would like us to remove the solar panels and replace them with our solar energy technology. Oftentimes, solar panel replacements cost significantly less than original installments because the Westminster roof has already been prepped for panels.

Solar Panel Removal Compensation for Westminster Reroofs 

Westminster fully experiences all four seasons and with that comes the risk of weather damage to establishments. Hailstorms are very common throughout the Front Range during the spring and summer, and unfortunately, Westminster rooftops are often the victim. To the appreciation of our clients, we provide protection for solar energy systems we install in the case that solar panel removal is necessary to fix a damaged roof in Westminster. If we must perform a solar panel removal at your property due to a hail-induced reroofing, we will give you money for the time the solar panels are removed (up to two months). We offer this compensation to our solar panel removal clients in Westminster because we have compassion for the loss in savings that they endure while their systems are down.

Call Today for Westminster Solar Panel Removal and Replacement

Whether it’s a premature solar panel removal due to weather damage or time for a solar panel replacement, Liv Solar is here to help. Our Westminster removal and replacement specialists are NABCEF certified and exhibit quality customer service to the highest standard. Call us today if you are a Westminster solar energy user and need your solar panels removed or replaced so we can schedule a free consultation.

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